Later in life Eddie Mayehoff became a partner in a sales promotion and advertising firm and dropped out of sight. The only time he was seen on camera was in radio and TV commercials as "The Old Pro" spokesman for Falstaff Beer.
Benjamin Green: The average normal child often resents his parents. Some children often wish they had different parents. Some children even hate their parents.
Jarring Jack Jackson: What about Junior? He hates me?
Benjamin Green: Hates you? The only advice I can give is never take your boy hunting.
-- Eddie Mayehoff & John McIntire (That's My Boy (1951))
Eddie Mayehoff
Edward Mier Mayehoff
7 July 1909, Baltimore, Maryland
12 November 1992, Ventura, California
Eddie Mayehoff (1909 – 1992) was an American actor.

Probably his best known role was as Harold Lampson, the henpecked husband and incompetent lawyer in the 1965 comedy movie How to Murder Your Wife.

In 1952, he starred on the short-lived NBC sitcom Doc Corkle, which was broadcast for only three weeks.

In the 1954-1955 television season, Mayhoff appeared as a construction contractor and former football player trying to thrust his son "Junior", played by Gil Stratton, to success on the American football gridiron at their common alma mater. Rochelle Hudson played the wife and mother in the CBS situation comedy series entitled That's My Boy, based on a 1951 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis film of the same name.

In 1957, Mayehoff was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play for his role in Visit to a Small Planet.
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